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     I become free of charge of child education and nurture.
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    Minato City Call Center - Minato Call (City Information Service)

    telephone  GOYOU (for) NANIMINATO 03-5472-3710  Hours of operation  It's open throughout the year and it's faxed from 7:00 to night 11:00 in the morning: The 03-5777-8752 website: Inquiries form.

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    August 20

    Nagasaki dispatch training

    August 20

    Order publication item

    August 20

    A merchandise voucher in Reiwa "eased (eased)" (merchandise voucher with a Minato City premium) is issued and sold.

    August 16

    I provide tentative name Shibaura second elementary school.

    August 16

    Each seed council assembly and information on a committee

    August 16

    General information of Consumer Center temporary closing

    August 16

    Public sale information of seizure assets

    August 15

    For medical institution, "about start of a guideline about support to the person for whom hospitalization of the person who doesn't have a relative and a decisionmaking which affects Health Care are difficult"

    August 15

    (Community-based service and a synthesis carry on business) about submission of the degree of 2019 nursing care staff specific treatment improvement Total picture note.

    August 15

    The degree of 2019 The garbage collection amount and the recyclables/resource collection amount [quick estimation ]

    August 14

    About a specific business establishment concentration subtraction, (home nursing care support)

    August 14

    About a nickname of Minato City ritsu disabled individual support home Minami-azabu and Minato City ritsu child developmental support center.

    August 14

    Surveillance survey result of the degree of 2019 mosquito (dengue, Zika virus infectious disease and Chikungunya fever measure)

    August 14

    About the outline of a School Facilities maintenance Total picture.

    August 13

    About an exchange of a quake-free oil damper of Minato Park Shibaura.

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    • General counseling
    • lifelong learning
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